Make no mistake about it, food matters.
It’s what’s on the end of your fork that determines your wellness, or dis-ease.



You’d be amazed at the changes that can take place in just one month of being guided down the right path of Wellness! In one month of working together we will discover a tailor-made synergistic approach to health and wellness combining right eating, right thinking, right exercising as well as right sleep and relaxation.


Detoxification: the process of removing toxic substances or qualities.

Yes, it’s about getting the toxins out, the reactive foods, the chemicals, but it’s much more than that. It’s about releasing toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, letting go of limiting beliefs, about yourself and others, or situations. It’s about removing negative energies that have caused a backup and paralysis in your life.


Shopping has turned into detective work!


Grocery stores can be a veritable land-mine with a lot of misleading products that don’t deliver. It’s been said that, “People are fed by the food Industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the Health Industry, which pays no attention to food.”

  • Tour the supermarket of your choice.

  • Optimum choices for health and weight loss.

  • Learn how to read food labels.

  • Identify best choices in the produce section and learn what the bar codes mean.

  • Discuss the best protein options.

  • Clear understanding of the many options with a defined shopping list of best-in-class food.

Healthy Meals, Healthy Life!


Most of us know how to throw a meal together, but how to cook exceptionally healthy, life-giving food maybe not. Let me be your guide in the kitchen showing you the healthiest ways to prepare the healthiest meals of all time.

  • Learn to cook delicious and gluten-free.

  • Make delicious sweet treats minus the sugar.

  • Plant-based, whole foods cooking.

  • World-class, ethnic cooking.

  • Secrets of the Healthiest Cuisine: the Mediterranean Diet

  • Raw food preparation



Let the Change Begin!

When you’re home alone in the house especially if you work from home, people can easily mistake boredom for hunger. Being only one to two rooms away from unhealthy, but engineered to taste good foods can sometimes be too tempting to resist. You’re not alone. I’ve designed this part of my overall program to help people with snacking on the wrong kinds of foods.


Our Client Questionnaire is the first step to improving your nutrition and overall health. To begin your journey with us simply fill out the form and you'll be on your way to healthier you!