The Rite of Sweat

I have been thinking about the need we have as people to purify. To cleanse. To rid ourselves of the things that cling. We run through our days and nights. We go here, we go there, our feet get dirty. We feel the desperate need to become clean. Somehow. Fresh. Purified. We pollute ourselves. We get polluted. We want to reboot. Repair. Reverse. Refresh. Revitalize. 



Sweat Lodges

That was the idea behind the great North American Indian Sweat Lodges. It was a ceremony. A spiritual experience. A prayer. Religious. There had been an invasion of European culture with it’s corrupting influences, it’s alcohol. The Sweat Lodge became a place of spiritual refuge and mental and physical healing, a place to get answers and guidance. Mother Earth, the Creator were there. Imparting wisdom and power. 

Common to this tradition and The Sweat, is the ideal of spiritual cleanliness. Many sweats would start with the participants fasting earlier in the day with contemplation in preparation for the sweat while avoiding caffeine, alcohol and other unhealthy substances. The sweat leader says a prayer. It embodies thanksgiving. Asking for blessing and instruction, leading and strength. To be lead out of darkness and to learn how to heal - how to heal ourselves, each other, and the world. 

The Sweat Lodge was where healing began. Healing from dis-ease, physical, emotional directional and spiritual. The aim of the ceremony is to purify one’s mind, body, spirit and heart.  This ceremony can also be a “stand alone” ritual that can occur whenever needed. Just because. Just because we want it. Just because we need it. Just because it makes us a better person and we feel better after. It is evolutionary. It is revolutionary. It changes us. We cry out for that paradigm shift. Sweat does this for us. It makes us new inside and out. It cleanses us inside and outside. 


Another thing about The Sweat. It is communal in character. The medicinal and spiritual values are furthered by this sense of community. It is something to be shared, to be enjoyed together. It is a social event, like the tea or coffee shop. 

Imagine a world where The Sweat is considered pivotal, critical, highly prized. It is in some countries. The Finnish sauna is a big part of their cultural milieu. Turkish men separately, and Turkish women separately congregate for hours in their hammams. The Russians and they banias. Businesses and corporations would be wise to add it as part of their wellness program for their employees. Think of the clarity of thought - the focus - the razor-sharp attention and energy that comes after a sweat session. The light-feeling. The endorphin high, the reboot. Fresh. Ready. Attentive. Present. 


Far infrared helps people unpack. Unwind. And yet at the same time cocoon. Cocoon back to a primal place. A place of innocence. A place of being moist, hot, and safe. Water is life and changes everything. 



This is skin therapy to the highest, purest degree. The skin is our largest organ and in The Sweat it is being renewed. It is the conduit for releasing all impurities. And in doing this it is being made pure, clean, glistening, renewed and refreshed. Glowing. Glowing skin.  Essential oils can be used in conjunction with sweating, promoting even more of a lymphatic drainage. Encourage body brushing prior to a sweat session. This greatly enhances lymphatic stimulation as well. Become intentional in The Sweat, making it a ceremonial part of your life. 

With winter around the corner there is much we can benefit from The Rite Of The Sweat. Colds are stopped dead in their tracks, flu's don't have a prayer of a chance of getting past a robust immune system - just one of the myriad benefits from exposure to far infrared systems. The world is waiting for this. For this healing modality. For this ceremony, this celebration of life. Everyone needs to celebrate themselves. To imagine themselves new, fresh, different, changed.