Springtime - Radiant Detox Time

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There is no time like the changing of the seasons to do a little cleaning. We do it in our homes. Spring cleaning - opening the windows, letting the air circulate, sorting through and tossing a few things we no longer deem necessary. Cleaning those nooks and crannies left shadowed by the winter darkness. In the same way, our body is very receptive to a cleansing, a clearing, a removal of things that no longer serve us.

Simply, detoxification means the removal of toxins from the body.  We absorb toxins like preservatives, pesticides, stimulants, and heavy metals - through food water and air. Fortunately, your digestive, endocrine, and circulatory systems come equipped with a complex set of mechanisms designed to eliminate these toxins through your mouth, eyes, skin, colon, urinary track– even your breath. The problem comes in when we've consumed too much sugar, too much caffeine, too many processed foods with little to no exercise. This stresses our bodies natural detoxification function to a sluggish pace. 

It has been very well said that we have an unlimited number of [environmental] insults with a limited number of defenses.

The result is the build-up of toxins that can leave you fatigued and suffering from poor digestion and even can lead to disease. It has been very well said that we have an unlimited number of [environmental] insults with a limited number of defenses.  With over 4000 chemicals introduced into our environment on a yearly basis, it's no wonder we are overwhelmed with toxicity. We all carry a very heavy load of petrochemical and industrial toxins. They come from plastics, pesticides and herbicides, flame retardants, and the list goes on. From the foods we eat there are heavy metals and allergens, Not to mention internal toxins such as bacteria, fungus, and yeast. So as you can see to detoxify twice a year, at the very least, is a good idea. And something our bodies will thank us for. Just a few of the benefits include having a lower heart rate, clearer skin, and eyes, better memory and concentration, and improved digestion. 

When we detoxify, it's really our whole body detoxifying. This is why I've created Radiant Detox which drills down to the seven systems of our body and how they detoxify, and what we can do to support them. When it comes to physical detoxification, the lymph, blood, liver, kidneys, colon, and parasympathetic nervous system are key players. 

In Radiant Detox, we embrace many things. We embrace the fantastic rainbow of fruits and vegetables that had been given to us for our healing, well-being, and pleasure. We embrace affirmations that resonate right down to a cellular level imparting health to our whole being.  We embrace meditation, thoughtfulness, and take the time to realize our powerful mind engaged deeply in healing our complete self. We embrace movement, we embrace exercise, we embrace the great outdoors and its efficacy to cleanse us and ground us into who we were meant to be. 

Imagine releasing weight if you need to lose weight, or remaining at your current weight, only being much healthier than you were before.
Imagine your emotions being healthy, your thoughts being clear, your mind being sharp, your breath being at ease because you let go of things that constricted your airways. 

For some of you, You are already on board; completed your registration and are on the inside of Radiant Detox. For others, you're still thinking about it. The thing I love about Radiant Detox is that everyone can choose the parts of the program they want to be involved with.  Maybe it's just the eating plan, maybe it's getting back into doing some exercise after a winter of hibernation. Maybe the affirmations and meditations really resonate with you and you need that. We all lead such busy lives. But this is for you. You have just one body. And you need to take care of it. Nobody else will do it for you. This is your time, to set apart, how little or how much you can, to do a few good things for yourself. You will be so happy you did!

Radiant Detox, your Gateway to Vitality,  will go from March 21 - April 11. Click below on Radiant Detox to find our more about it. 

Radiant Detox