Mitochondrial function

May The [Life] Force Be With You

The sun. Energy. Life. Vitality. Energy medicine. Life force. There would be no life on planet earth as we know it if we did not have the sun. We see plants as green because they contain a pigment called chlorophyll. This is due to wavelengths of light absorption from the sun. Chlorophyll is a molecule that traps light. It's called a photoreceptor. 

Far Infrared Energy

When you're outside on a warm, sunny day, that warmth you feel is because of energy from the sun. It's called far infrared energy. These waves of light and energy are on a spectrum. The central part of this spectrum, between 6 to 14 microns plays a vital role for the formation and growth of all living things. 

Energy Production

When we as human beings are exposed to these far infrared rays, we also emit these rays to our bodily tissues. We become photoreceptors. This, in turn, increases circulation of blood and body liquids, enhancing distribution of oxygen and nutrition to every part of our human body, producing metabolism in the organism. There is a resonance on the cellular level that takes place, a sort of energy cascade- exciting our mitochondria, which then releases ATP, affecting the Electron Transport Chain. 

Failed Mitochondria

Why is this important and why am I bringing this up? Because one of the maladies of our day is failed mitochondria. When mitochondria fail, that's when our health fails. It's when the person with chronic fatigue syndrome has a hard time getting out of bed. It's when the person with fibromyalgia can barely take another step. It's when the person with Lupus feels joint pain. It's when the chronically stressed individual has trouble falling asleep or the depressed person can barely make it to work.  It's when cancer cells proliferate and the natural cellular death known as apoptosis cannot take place. Have I hit home yet? It's when dysbiosis in the gut, whether it's IBS, IBD, Crohn's, GERD, leaky gut, you name it is present. It's when there's Hashimoto's or hormonal dysregulation. Mitochondria have failed. It's when obesity is present, diabetes is present, and metabolic syndrome is present. 

mitochondrial potential=bolt of lightening!

How can we get our mitochondria vibrant again, resonating again, emitting and receiving light? I hope this blows your mind like it did mine. Do you know that inside 1 mitochondria, operating over 5 millionths of a millimeter, the field strength over that tiny distance (only perceived recently through very new, ultra-powerful microscopes) is around 30 million volts per meter? That's equivalent to a bolt of lightening!! That's what we have in our cells as potential energy. Wow. I can hardly wrap my mind around this astounding truth. We were created and meant for incredible energy potential. Let's get it back. Let's get it back. It's in our power to get it back. Let's be powerful people, again.


Enter - Far Infrared Systems - Enter - SudatonicUSA Saunette


What if I were to tell you it's as simple as getting into a blanket, into a Saunette that has skillfully been crafted to capture the energy from the sun and release it deeply into your body to the cellular level - in mere minutes of getting inside. You get all warm - inside. Your bodily water which is 70 percent of who you aregets vibrating with life and heat and energy. Your mitochondria excite, ATP is released and this wonderful cascade of energy and life and resonance begins. You are healing. You are being made well. You are being regenerated. You are being revived. You are being renewed. You are alive with photon energy - from the sun, the way we were meant to live. 

This has very, very far-reaching potential. Release far infrared energy and patients with fibromyalgia are greatly relieved. Lyme disease becomes dormant. Leukemia is in recession. Rheumatoid arthritis becomes latent. Peripheral neuropathy goes away, diabetes along with proper diet can away, cardiovascular disease is helped, the depressed become well. Lumbar, neck, back, sciatic pain is diminished. And your body is happy. Very happy. 



Time eludes me to speak of the tremendous detoxifying powers of far infrared red. In fact, respected medical journals report it's the most effective at releasing heavy metals and toxins from the body. It's the body's preferred mechanism at dealing with toxins - sweat. 


Tell me what it's like for you when you're outside on a warm, sunny day. How do you feel? What is it like? Does it make you feel healthy? Happy? I love this subject, let's get a discussion going. And if you're interested in owning this healing modality, I can help you. I've had mine for 5 years. It's not a question of should you get one, it's a question of how quickly can I get one. You will never, ever regret owning a far infrared Saunette or blanket.