Corporate Wellness

An excellent team builder for your office not to mention the long-term benefits of happier, healthier, more focused employees. Did you know that almost every Fortune 500 company has a wellness program for their staff?  It’s the only thing that makes sense to keep sick day/hospital leave to a minimal. Reduce insurance claims, as well as having an overall healthier, happier working environment.

Group and Corporate Workshops

No matter what category you fall into (office, corporation, association, health club, church, etc) I can design a program that is a perfect fit for your group.


Nutrition related topics

We can discuss the subject matter that is of greatest concern to your group, whether its nutrition or exercise or stress reduction and design a program to educate your people in the subject matter.


Keys to nourishing wellness

Especially in a working environment it is very easy to be low on the physical activity scale and high on stress levels.   Let me come and show how to keep things in balance and how to keep mentally and physically alert all day long.


Power point presentation, food models and visuals

Because seeing is often believing I will utilize various visuals to further educate and clarify different concepts.



Each person attending will get very useful information they can take home with them that will cover the subject matter discussed.


Start a weight loss challenge or a “let’s get moving” challenge

These are great motivators!  I have launched several and can show you how to get your people moving in the right direction with some fun, healthy competition.


This can be an excellent part of your annual, bi-annual or even monthly program. Your group will thank you for it. 

Call today at 702-545-8111 to discuss this very dynamic dimension you can add to your employees or members.