Optimal Detox

  • You begin a healing process in parts of your body struggling under their toxic burden. This includes your endocrine system, digestion, heart, lymphatic system and brain.
  • You will become more conscious of your body, experience greater energy, release aches and pains, feel calmer, more focused, and more spirited than you have in years. 
  • You detoxify relationally, to your community, your family, and yourself. 
  • You detoxify through food, vibrant, alive food. You also detoxify through movement, new thought patterns, and emotional expression.
  • You break through conflicts, blockades, things that have held you back, blocked your creative expression, freeing you to pursue long-deferred dreams for work, love, and personal satisfaction. 
  • You’ll feel nourished, not deprived, because the focus is not taking out, rather bringing in more of what you need. 

Detoxification | the process of removing toxic substances or qualities. 

Yes, it’s about getting the toxins out, the reactive foods, the chemicals, but it’s much more than that. It’s about releasing toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, letting go of limiting beliefs, about yourself and others, or situations. It’s about removing negative energies that have caused a backup and paralysis in your life. 

Detoxification | the process of healing the whole person.

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