You’d be amazed at the changes that can take place in just one month of being guided down the right path of Wellness! 

In one month of working together we will discover a tailor-made synergistic approach to health and wellness combining right eating, right thinking, right exercising as well as right sleep and relaxation.

The journey will begin by gathering information about you through questionnaires and the most recent lab work done. After I receive that we will schedule our first appointment.

Initial Face to Face Visit

If you are living outside of the Las Vegas area we’ll set up a Skype meeting or phone call whatever works best for you lasting one to one and a half hours. If you live in the greater Las Vegas area we can meet at my office or your home.  During this time I will be listening very closely to what you share about your health concerns, hopes and aspirations for your personal health and well-being. We will go over the questionnaire and blood work to further ascertain your health issues.


Weekly Skype Meetings

After our initial meeting we will meet weekly via Skype or phone, whichever works best for you. You will have unlimited access to me during the month if you have any questions or need coaching, or maybe just a word of encouragement to help you along the way. We all reach plateaus and low points.  When that happens remember I’m in your corner for you! 


I’m your wellness advocate!


Best Food Choices

I will provide for you very comprehensive lists of the best foods you need for your particular goals. Make no mistake about it, food matters. It’s what’s on the end of your fork that determines your wellness, or dis-ease. This is by far the most important component of the program I will be giving you. You’ll be refreshed with the menu’s and many variations, making cooking, and eating an adventure in new, life-giving territory. 

Eating right is partially about slow food, food that takes time to prepare.  My years as a chef come into play here as I can share with you some inside secrets to help cut your time in the kitchen a bit. Setting a day or part of a day out of the week (Sundays seems to work for a lot of people) for food preparation is a great way to be organized and have your plan fail-proof. 


Make no mistake about it, food matters. It’s what’s on the end of your fork that determines your wellness, or dis-ease.


Restaurant and Traveling Recommendations

Let’s face it, we live very busy lives. As much as home cooked meals are by far the optimum choice, they are not always possible. Maybe you travel a lot and have to make the best of restaurant, airport and plane food. Restaurant food can sabotage your efforts unless you are savvy and privy with how to order and what to eat. I will provide invaluable information on the wisest choices to make when you’re on the move and what to steer clear of. I also have information of the most popular large-chain eateries and the best choices there.


Vitamin Advisory + Supplement Suggestions

A question I get asked all the time is what vitamins are good to take, or what supplements do I need? Based on your present health condition, and any possible interactions with medications you may be taking, I will make suggestions for supplements that can make a big difference in how you feel. Unfortunately, we simply are not getting the nutrients from the soil and from the food crops we used to get. In fact, in many cases its down by 30 percent from the 1975. From infancy through adolescence, adulthood and beyond;  for each stage in life there are different and unique requirements we have.  I can make recommendations on the best choices to make for your particular needs and age.

A Kushi Institute analysis of nutrient dat from 1975 to 1997 found the average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped 27 percent; iron levels 37 percent; vitamin A levels 21 percent; and vitamin C levels 30 percent. Another study concluded we would have to eat eight oranges today to derive the same amount of Vitamin A as our grandparents would have gotten from one. 


I love that word, coach.  It conjures up ideas of someone who’s very involved in enabling you to realize your dream, to encourage you along the way, to give you what you need to make it happen. Coaches coach for one ultimate goal: THE BIG WIN. I will be your personal coach to help you see you reach your goals.


I'm here to help you become what you never thought you could be!


Additional Discussion on Lifestyle Changes


Things like sleep, relaxation, laughter, relationships all have profound affects on our health. 

The mind/body connection is intrinsic and cannot be taken out of the equation when we talk about wellness.  Do you know that being angry and eating at the same time releases chemical reactions in your body that produce toxicity?  Or did you know that when you are stressed and you eat the body shifts into a survival mode and your digestive tract literally shuts down, creating a shortage of the necessary enzymes and bacteria needed for absorption, digestion and metabolism.  Far beyond the range of food, supplements and exercise there are other factors that play into a well, healthy you. I am here to tell you about them.


You can be the master of your own destiny. Well-being, health and balance is well within your reach.  Let me be the catalyst to help you realize this! 

Call me, Christine at 702-545-8111 or fill out the contact form and let’s discuss your way forward.  The best is yet to come!

One Month Individual Nutrition and Wellness Plan
  • Initial face to face or virtual visit 1-1 ½ hours
  • Weekly Skype conferences
  • Best Food Choices based on targeted goals
  • Menu samples including snacks and drinks
  • Recipes determined by your personal taste profile, preparation and lifestyle
  • Restaurant/eating out recommendations
  • Vitamin advisory/supplement suggestions
  • Coaching – helping you walk through the life challenges it will take to get you to your goal and being your personal Wellness Advocate
  • Additional discussion available to explore “thoughtful eating” – nourishing your body and your soul
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