October 7-28, 2019

From time immemorial, we have always had this instinctive, intrinsic need to cleanse. To renew. To press the reset button and become refreshed. To lighten the load, create a clean slate, and be ready for the new.


 Join us this fall commencing Monday October 7 for 21 days of Radiant Detox. You have the opportunity to join a virtual community of like-minded people, or do it solo, whichever path is best for you, or a combination of the two! The Fall Detox is all about strengthening and supporting our immune system and whole body, mind, and spirit to prepare for the cooler, darker months in the western hemisphere. Cold and flu season will be upon us, as well as a time of more reflective living. This cleanse prepares us for both.

Why We Detox?

What You Get



Read what one participant wrote:

“A little testimony about how Radiant Detox, Christine Wokowsky and you guys impacted me. I have been buying organic for quite a while now, I always cook fresh food daily, salads are a must and the choice of oils has been judicious. However, this brought a lot of things to the next upper level ;). I loved trying new spices and certain new foods. I loved having recipes for smoothies, lunches, and dinners that we can still use long term. I loved all the info we received about all the systems in our body, how to invest in them, and what to avoid. I loved the exchange in here, electronically, the encouragement and support we gave each other.”
— Marsida, Maryland
Radiant Detox 21-Day Program - Your Gateway To Vitality

Radiant Detox Fall runs October 7-28, 2019

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Radiant Detox is all about abundance, not deprivation! It's a powerful program I’ve put together after seeing excellent results with many of my clients. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen or imagined!


WHY Detox?

  • Toxins and stress create hindrances for the normal functioning and self-healing capabilities of our bodies.

  • Our bodies are facing nutritional gaps between the modern diet, soils that are depleted of vitamins and minerals, and stress levels that choke off what we need to function at optimum levels.

  • By removing the barriers and providing what is lacking, our bodies bounce back into health, energy is restored, and we begin to look and feel our best. 

We look at:


The Seven Systems of our Body










We energize and optimize their individual functionality as well as their connection with each other through the right food, the right movement, and the right thinking.

In Radiant Detox Color is King and we flow with vibrant color from foods that give us life, powerful healing, and cleansing.

There are 21 days to this journey starting October 7 and going until October 28, 2019. We spend three days exploring each System. We will concentrate on supporting and nourishing each part of our physiology with life-giving foods and energizing movements beneficial for that body system. Since we are a whole entity - body, mind and spirit, we also consider our thoughts and emotions and how powerfully they affect us. 

Some testimonials...

I have awful eczema, it flares up all over & it is so frustrating to deal with. I have had it since I was a baby. My family, and I have tried probably every single cream, lotion, pill and any other potion out there but nothing completely cleared up my skin. There were times it was so bad, you could feel the heat coming off my arms from where the eczema had flared up.
Long story short — I have been an eczema suffer for 23 years now, but after starting Radiant Detox, I began to see my skin clear up, which I didn’t give my hopes up yet because that has happened in the past but it doesn’t last. A week on Radiant Detox went, and my skin was still clear, second week, still clear. Going into the third week would be the true test, because for the few potions out there that did clear my skin up, it would only stay clear for a couple of weeks (if that) so here it goes. Third week and still clear, now almost into a week after the 21 days of Radiant Detox, and my skin is still clear! AMAZING! I actually have soft, smooth skin without the agitating, itchy eczema.
I could not be happier, after suffering with this terribly skin condition for so long, and not being able to find something that would truly help it, I am beyond thankful for Radiant Detox. It helped me achieve my lifelong health goal of having soft, smooth skin without the constant flare ups of my eczema.
Thank you Chris for the amazing program, Radiant Detox!
— Ashleigh Veader
“I feel very blessed and privileged being part of this group and have enjoyed so much the last three weeks! When I signed up, I knew these 3 weeks were not ideal for me with heavy work load and studies but I decided to go for it anyways. But I did what I could and learnt to make a variety of smoothies, attempted many new recipes and had much more fun in the kitchen. Thank you Christine Wokowsky for the adventure! I now have a file with your name in the office with all the recipes, printouts and emails. Looking forward to going through it in the future many a time.” 
— Martina - United Kingdom
Good morning Christine , I can’t tell you what this time in your program has meant to me, your daily encouragement I look forward to in the midst of many challenges! It even has been a source of strength as my husband recently lost his job , and now my plans to back away from work at night had to change . But your suggestions and encouragement have been such a source of daily strength as I put our home up for sale and downsize . I am not resorting to all the Comfort Foods that I usually do ! Taking in all of your suggestions and doing what I can with many goals for the future.
— Lisa Laventure, Canada
Hi all! I have been on board and loving all the recipes, the emails, the inspiration and the yoga! The information has been easy to understand and utilize...for a lifestyle...thanks.
— Ellen LeClair
We at Wraptured have been pleased and excited recently to have partnered with Christine as our “Virtual” Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Board Certified Gluten Practitioner!
We knew our company could not offer a more qualified and brilliant nutritionist to our clients.
I have known Christine for over 25 years, and over the years I have always noticed her impeccability in every endeavor she has set her mind to! So no surprise when she came up with her “ Flagship Program” Radiant Detox.
As I learned about her customized detox program I was super excited to introduce it to my clients, even though I had never done the program myself....until this April.
Well ...several things I would like to share
Number One...I am a working owner, so most of my meals ( even though very healthy) are usually NEVER home made or cooked by me ( I am usually exhausted by the time I get home) and definitely don’t feel like cooking!
Number two: It was important to me though, that I have “first hand” knowledge and understanding of her program .. and the only way to actually do that was of course to do it myself.
Number Three: It was an interesting challenge for me personally because as I began the program ( that very Monday) our company had a monumental crisis, our computer crashed and our back up system did NOT backup!
Sooo I had every reason in the world to forget the discipline of the program and just go home and eat chocolate and ice cream!
But...I persevered, determined to do this, because I knew it would be so very good for me, and I wanted to be able to competently and intelligently speak and share the experience of it with my clients.
Here’s what I noticed first:
The recipes are AMAZING and DELICIOUS !
And even though there were some veggies and spices I had never heard of on the menu, I was excited to explore and see how it all tasted!
Also the descriptions of each Body System, with the attention of 3 days on each and the treasure trove of information on each system, and the rationale behind the Foods she was using for the cleansing of those systems, I found invaluable!
And thirdly, you just feel FANTASTIC!
As the days went by, I was never hungry, never bloated and I actually lost weight naturally!
So, to finally recap...if I can do it ( working owner of a company with hardly any extra time...and COMPUTER CRASH Crisis...Anyone can do this and get the incredible benefits of years of experience and expertise of Christine and this program, and end your 21-days feeling like a million bucks (and side note...most affordable program ever!!)
Thank you again Christine for challenging me (as always) and making me a healthier happier person (and a bit thinner) as a result!!
I’ll be with you in the Fall😍!

— Kathy Hill
I was stunned for a minute after hearing my sister was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer. Helps me to realize even more now that I’m on the right track eating healthy and stepping up my exercise routines.
— Shirley Wheaton-Spann
Radiant Detox 21-Day Program - Your Gateway To Vitality

Radiant Detox Fall runs October 7-28, 2019

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October 8-29, 2019

  • The Radiant Detox Calendar so you can see the flow of the program

  •  Seven emails at the beginning of each system

  • 21 days of shopping lists for the recipes PLUS a comprehensive list of Functional Foods for you to choose from to create your own wonderful recipes specific for that system we are focusing on.

  • 21 days of menus

  • 21 days of scrumptious recipes with plant-based and omnivore options + additional delicious recipes for when you're not on the program

  • 21 days of various forms of movement and exercise

  • 21 days of recommended yoga positions

  • 21 days of meditations

  • 21 days of affirmations

  • The Radiant Detox Program and Recipe Book which is sold on Amazon will be free for you as part of the program! Full of recipes to use during the 21 day Radiant Detox Program, plus several recipes for when you're not doing the program.  

  • The Radiant Detox Private Facebook Group to connect our community together where we can share our experiences, ask questions, encourage one another and share our victories. Also post pictures of ourselves and our beautiful food! I also will be sharing short videos on many different interesting topics. 

  • PLUS random, healthful gifts being given out from time-to-time awarding you for your creativity, progress and just because to feel the love!


When you register, you receive the Radiant Detox Food Plan Guide to help you during the 21 day Radiant Detox Program.

The cost is $69 per person.  What a great thing to share with a friend or family member and do it together. 

Read what two of our detoxer's wrote -

"I am looking forward to our autumn detox. The spring one was SUPERRR!!!!!! I loved everything about it. I'm still raving about it to people, and still applying it, of course-- with lapses, but always knowing how to refresh my habits and meals now." Barrie, Maryland

"Hi Christine! I absolutely love love love the recipe book - and all the other materials. It's really well thought out and detailed. I am so looking forward to this!" Becky, Alaska





Register today and be on your way to a more vibrant, awesome YOU!

Radiant Detox 21-Day Program - Your Gateway To Vitality

Radiant Detox Fall runs October 7-28, 2019

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What does “detox” mean?

Since time immemorial, man has been detoxifying. Whether it was from eating too much during a time of feasting, or the use of blood letting and leeches to heal or remove toxicity, man has practiced some form of detoxification. The sweat lodges of the American Indian, the panchakarma of Ayurvedic medicine in India, a 5-fold system of using herbs, oils, sweat, etc to purify oneself.  

Today, in a more traditional understanding, detoxification has come to be understood as aiding people from alcohol and drug addictions. There is yet another classification of detoxification, and that is targeting our exposure to environment toxicity that is threatening the planet, mankind, and all life. There is the existence of this low-grade state that, to one degree or another everyone is exposed to through the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat, in our cities, in our suburbs, and in our rural areas.

The Radiant Detox program includes nutrition, meditations, affirmations, yoga movements, and visualizations to facilitate the removal of toxins from body, mind, and spirit.


Why do we have to “detox” if our bodies are already capable of getting rid of toxins?

In today’s world, we are bombarded with more chemicals than ever. It’s been estimated that there are 80,000 chemicals in our environment, not including the toxins we make inside of us from stress, inflammation, or dysbiosis (gut microflora imbalance). The fact is that we aren’t all created equal when it comes to being in balance and healthy.

Every organ in the body has mechanisms in place for getting rid of toxic waste, but some organs carry much of the weight, like the liver, kidneys, gut, skin, and lungs.

If our livers are congested with fat, we are not going to have proper function of liver enzymes to get rid of toxins. We may also have different functioning of these liver enzymes depending on our genetics.

If we aren’t drinking enough water or drinking impure water, we won’t be able to harness the power of the kidneys to excrete the toxins through the urine.

If we are constipated or have an imbalanced gut microflora, we won’t be passing toxic metals through our body efficiently.

If we aren’t sweating through the skin because we are not exercising, we won’t be getting rid of multiple chemicals we are storing inside of us.

And, if we aren’t taking deep breaths and if we are living in polluted areas, chances are we are impeding the lungs ability to exhale out particulates.

All in all, knowing what we know now about the body and the environment, it doesn’t make good biological and biochemical sense to not focus on detox because we are already detoxing. Each of us is different in our capacity to cleanse. An accumulation of toxins and lack of nourishing inner support of mind, body, and spirit could be at the root of our symptoms.


Who is detoxing recommended for?

Depending on the program, detoxing can be for everyone. We all have exposure to elements that do not serve us or have our body's best interest in mind. Detoxing is even for those who feel they are in reasonably good health. The absence of disease does not guarantee the presence of health. Many suffer from undiagnosed gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, joint pain, unexplained weight gain or inability to loss weight, poor sleep quality, low energy, low libido, irritability, and a compromised well being. 


Why 21 days?

Radiant Detox is 21 days to give the body, mind, and spirit time to rewire, creating new, lasting, lifestyle changes. It has been said it takes 21 days to change a habit. In Radiant Detox we journey through the seven systems of the body, spending three days on each system, therefore it takes us 21 days to go through the program. 


Why don’t most nutritional detoxes last?


Most programs are one or two dimensional, focusing on the liver, kidneys, or colon. There may be a temporary ease of symptoms, while the program is going on, only to revert back to the state of dis-ease that existed before. Because we look at the body as an exquisite, inter-connecting entity, we are able to go system-by-system, supporting, nourishing, and detoxifying the whole body. In this way we can see deep, long-lasting results that are completely sustainable through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes. 



Why is Radiant Detox different?


Radiant Detox is different in many ways. We offer a broad-spectrum of modalities that you can pick and choose from. There is the food aspect, where we focus on colorful foods that aid in the detoxification process. We suggest a wide range of various types of exercise and movement, guided meditations, visual affirmations and spoken affirmations, and a community that you can take part in. 

The most sweeping difference is the understanding that you are a whole person, and what goes on in your digestive system affects what goes on in the brain; what goes on in your brain affects what goes on in your heart, and so on. By going system by system, we are able to encompass all of you in this process of detoxifying, nourishing and supporting. 



How do you define toxins within Radiant Detox?

A toxin is something that interferes with normal physiology, negatively impacting our bodily function. But not just our physiology. There are toxic thoughts, toxic emotions, and toxic relationships that need to be addressed as well. Toxins are of many different kinds, with totally different qualities, from an infinite number of different sources; just as varied are the complex mechanisms by which they cause irritation and damage. 


What are the Seven Systems of the Body?

Radiant Detox looks at the Seven Systems of the body and how best we can support, nourish and cleanse them. They are:

  • The Digestive System

  • The Immune System

  • The Endocrine System

  • The Respiratory System

  • The Cardiovascular System

  • The Nervous System

  • The Integumentary System (skin, hair, and nails)


What does the Radiant Detox program involve?

The Radiant Detox program addresses the Seven Systems of the body through various approaches, including recipes and meal plans for omnivores and vegans, affirmations, meditations, and many different forms of physical activities from yoga to own-body strength training. We discuss the use of essential oils, and look beyond the body into our living environment, exploring how we can detoxify that as well.

Who is Christine Wokowsky?

Christine Wokowsky is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Certified Nutritionist, and a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Through working with her clients one-on-one clinically, Christine came to understand more and more the importance of healing, wellness, and detoxification coming from a whole body, seven systems approach for true root cause resolution. She is an active member with the National Association of Nutritional Professionals. Christine is an indefatigable researcher and curator of scientific studies and information regarding nutrition and whole body healing.


Will I need dietary supplements for this program?

Radiant Detox focuses on whole foods, foods as they are found in nature as being the cornerstone to detoxification. We do teach and explain about different supplements that can be beneficial in supporting the body's metabolic and detoxification pathways. As always, we encourage you to talk to your practitioner concerning supplementation. 


I’m a vegan/vegetarian/omnivore. Can I still eat according to the plan?


We have taken both styles of eating into careful consideration and have options for both vegans and omnivores. The recipes can be used interchangeably, providing the best detoxification and nutritional support for both. 


Radiant Detox 21-Day Program - Your Gateway To Vitality

Radiant Detox Fall runs October 7-28, 2019

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