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Christine’s love and enthusiasm for her work are contagious. I hired her to help me reach my health goals and to help motive me when it comes to regular exercise. She introduced me to the concept that daily exercise is “non-negotiable” and even worked out with me to get me pumped up and in the groove. Now when I find myself feeling lazy, her word resonates in my brain, and I get myself going. Christine’s vast knowledge of nutrition, the science behind it, and her love of cooking are such assets to anyone with whom she works. She loves tackling intricate problems and will stay with you until you get them figured out. I feel so much better since I started working with Christine, and I love how she has kept me excited and motivated to finally take good care of ME! If you’re looking for a nutrition professional who will be in your corner, and help you reach your health goals, look no further. Schedule your first appointment RIGHT NOW!
— Nicole Hodson
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It has been almost a week since Fitness Universe. Sometimes I have no idea how things work out for me, but they do. And right on time. God really does take care of things I can’t, and that is why it is all possible. I want to thank Christine Wokowsky at the helm of My Complete Nutritionist and for the awesome help Radiant Detox has been for me. It has furthered my knowledge of natural, clean eating, and using herbs and plants to heal and nourish the body as they were intended.
— Brittany Cherie Williams, Fitness Universe 1st Place
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“I knew Christine for quite a while and was aware of her expertise in nutrition as well as her passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle, so naturally it was to her I turned when I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. I opted out of chemotherapy and decided to go down (or up!) the path of healing through nutrition. Christine’s invaluable advice, constant support and willingness to share her knowledge have really made a difference. It has been a year since my diagnosis and soon will be a year since the surgery. I feel great, have lots of energy and have never looked better ;) My last series of tests also came out clear. Besides my strict regular diet (and exercise, and FIR saunette sessions), I decided to participate in Christine’s spring detox this year. What a great experience! The recipes inspired me to experiment with new ingredients I had not dared to use before and I found a new passion for cooking, which I discovered to be my art medium. All the fantastic information she provides as part of the Radiant Detox program on the way various foods affect the systems in our body helps me be more aware in the selection of ingredients, so my meals have maximum flavor and health benefits. Five stars and I would recommend MyCompleteNutritionist to anyone, anywhere, no matter how healthy or ill they think they are.”
- Anastazja Pindor
Warsaw, Poland
This is an open letter to anyone desiring to change their lives both mentally and physically. When I met Christine, I was way over weight, had little to no energy and on top of all that I had a bad case of psoriasis that was driving me crazy. She gave me some advice about my eating habits. Advised me on supplements and things to drop from my diet. First I will tell you what I dropped. Milk ( I was drinking a gallon every 5 days, along with milk I stopped eating ice cream and cheeses. I cut out red meat but not entirely, cut out bread, rolls, cookies in fact almost all wheat and gluten. I stopped any drinks with added sugar, Pepsi, fruit juices with high fructose corn syrup. As far as supplements I take milk thistle, fish oil , turmeric curcumin as well as a couple others, What I added to my diet, Lots of fish, especially oily fish, like salmon and sardines, eggs, leafy veggies like spinach, let me add that you have not had breakfast until you tried scrambled eggs with fresh spinach, avocado, and shaved parmesan cheese. Let me end this with this, I was last at my doctors office in November 2016 and I weighed 210, two weeks ago at my annual check up I am at 187 with a blood pressure of 110 over 80. Thank you Christine. Love you.   

P.S.  I forgot to mention the results of my psoriasis, my skin on the backs of my calves has evolved from, very itchy and patches of sandpaper to just smooth but still slightly discolored spots that are very smooth and comfortable to live with.  
— Steve Wurster
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We at Wraptured have been pleased and excited recently to have partnered with Christine as our “Virtual” Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Board Certified Gluten Practitioner!
We knew our company could not offer a more qualified and brilliant nutritionist to our clients.
— Kathy Hill
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I have awful eczema, it flares up all over & it is so frustrating to deal with. I have had it since I was a baby. My family, and I have tried probably every single cream, lotion, pill and any other potion out there but nothing completely cleared up my skin. There were times it was so bad, you could feel the heat coming off my arms from where the eczema had flared up.

Long story short — I have been an eczema suffer for 23 years now, but after starting Radiant Detox, I began to see my skin clear up, which I didn’t give my hopes up yet because that has happened in the past but it doesn’t last. A week on Radiant Detox went, and my skin was still clear, second week, still clear. Going into the third week would be the true test, because for the few potions out there that did clear my skin up, it would only stay clear for a couple of weeks (if that) so here it goes. Third week and still clear, now almost into a week after the 21 days of Radiant Detox, and my skin is still clear! AMAZING! I actually have soft, smooth skin without the agitating, itchy eczema.

I could not be happier, after suffering with this terribly skin condition for so long, and not being able to find something that would truly help it, I am beyond thankful for Radiant Detox. It helped me achieve my lifelong health goal of having soft, smooth skin without the constant flare ups of my eczema.

Thank you Christine for the amazing program, Radiant Detox!
— Ashleigh Veader
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Working with Christine has been an enlightening experience. Her knowledge about healthy eating and healthy lifestyle has shed light on weight loss strategies, better sleep, more energy, how to get through a detox time, and more. Her background of more than 25 years in the culinary world has certainly lent to her ability to create recipes that are both healthy and very delicious. I would encourage anyone reading this to work with her. You will not be disappointed.
— Dr. Brent Ryder
Christine knew how to drill down and prescribe some supplements that have had a profound effect on my health. They brought my mind and body into daily relaxation. Thank you Christine for listening well and finding precisely what I needed.
— Jediah Tanguay
Thank you for helping me finally get on track with my nutrition! You were diligent in sending me all the information I needed to address my health concerns, giving me hands-on help in the kitchen, in the store, and sending me loads of good recipes for me and my family. I feel physically better and I am more empowered now than ever to take control of my health and wellness. Most important though, is your positive attitude which has inspired me to do better and be better!
— Jean Larson
I had been having panic attacks for 3 months. Not sleeping at night so taking prescription – highly addictive. I called my long time friend Christine Wokowsky – now a nutritionist. That week I received a packet containing a vast amount of helpful information ranging from detox baths, exercise and diet to natural remedies, essential oils and herbal supplements to calm. She is always just a phone call away with kind understanding that has helped in my recovery and ability to help others. Thank you so much!
— Nancy Nielsen
“KNOWLEDGEABLE, PRACTICED, EDUCATED, PASSIONATE, ENTHUSIASTIC, CARING. Christine wants everyone to have the tools they need to be healthy.” The cauliflower crust pizza that you taught us has been one of our favorites and we have shared it with many!
— Martie & Randy Bolsinger
I would like to thank you for all of your support with my nutritional care. Your time, expertise and caring attitude have made a tremendous difference in my health and quality of life. You offer services that are extremely valuable and go far above and beyond the care of other nutritionists. The purging of unhealthy items from my pantry and kitchen was extremely beneficial .
In addition the shopping experience was very educational as well as providing me with great ideas for food preparation and healthy life style changes. You have also given me some great advice regarding vitamin supplements and how to read and interpret package labels. I feel like I am much better prepared to make better choices and have more control of my own health.
I am so very grateful for you support. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future clients. Thank you once again for all you have done.
— Andrea C.
Thank you so much for you wonderful professional help with my overall health, as well as targeting my specific problems: low blood sugar, and arthritis in my neck and lower back.
I am certain the exercises are helping tremendously, as are your excellent recommendations for nutrition and supplements for my arthritis. My neck pain is definitely much better.
The menus and specific food choices which you recommended for my blood sugar (to keep it stable) have helped immensely. I am slowly getting more acclimated, as well, to choosing organic fruits and vegetables over the regular ones.
I must say, my general sense of well-being and overall health has definitely improved through your expertise, and I am very thankful for all the help I have received.
— Pamela H.
Dee & Christine

Dee & Christine

I am forever grateful for your follow-up, keeping me on track and focused as well as keeping me updated with new information and suitable suggestions for my care and ultimate healing.
— Dee C.