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Radiant Detox is all about abundance, not deprivation! It's a powerful program I’ve put together after seeing excellent results with many of my clients. Its like nothing you’ve ever seen or imagined!

Radiant Detox 21-Day Program - Your Gateway To Vitality

Radiant Detox Fall runs October 1-21, 2019

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There are 21 days to this journey starting April 3rd and going until April 23, 2017. We spend three days exploring each System. We will concentrate on supporting and nourishing each part of our physiology with life-giving foods and energizing movements beneficial for that body system. Since we are a whole entity - body, mind and spirit, we also consider our thoughts and emotions and how powerfully they effect us. 

Read what one participant wrote:

"I feel very blessed and privileged being part of this group and have enjoyed so much the last three weeks! When I signed up, I knew these 3 weeks were not ideal for me with heavy work load and studies but I decided to go for it anyways. But I did what I could and learnt to make a variety of smoothies, attempted many new recipes and had much more fun in the kitchen. Thank you Christine Wokowsky for the adventure! I now have a file with your name in the office with all the recipes, printouts and emails. Looking forward to going through it in the future many a time." Martina - United Kingdom